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About Arthur Clive

High Quality Print | 100% Cotton

T-shirts that will make you happy.

M/s Arthur Clive is a startup partnership firm founded in 2016 with its Head office in Kolkata. Trading as “Arthur Clive”.

As the name resonates ‘Courage’ and ‘Elegance’, here we are blending art and fashion that is done differently for a final outcome with a tireless zest for quality, serving a world of art wear enthusiasts without compromise.

The Team

We are a team of perfectionists putting our creative thinking, brand expertise, design skills and passion for quality into each garment that you will love and feel proud to wear.

Our Values

Our core values are to create a vision, inspire people, advance the priorities and build trust in order to further the company’s mission to serve the people. A commitment to doing good for the whole until the customer says “WOW”! Follow us on Instagram